Come visit Santa Claus at Santa Village this December 2019.

Visit the Santa Village Christmas Event. 


Please produce your Golden Tickets to be inspected by the grumpy Elf Guard at his Ticket Kiosk, then proceed through the Christmas Tree Maze; don't get lost.


Stop at the Santa Village Post Office to send and receive a letter to Santa Clause then proceed through the Snowman Maze. 


Arrive at the Elf Chocolate Factory, where you can see all the mischievous hard working Elves produce an  assortment of chocolates and sweets. Only children who have been good all year, will receive a small bag for free. The Elves have Santa Clause's Big Book of Good Little Children, with all the names to refer to.

Then proceed through the Snow and Lights Maze travelling towards the Elf Toy Factory and watch the industrious Elves design, manufacture and play with the toys being sent to the Good Little Children all over the world.

The onward to Santa Clause Grotto where the Good Little Children will be met by Santa Clause himself to greet them and tel them stories of all the parcels he has delivered around the world and about his magical world in the North Pole.

The Santa Clause will hand out a free small present to the Good Little Children and  they can tell him what they want for Christmas when he come to visit them down the Chimney, on Christmas eve.

Photographs are allowed while the Good Little Children are presented with and I met Santa Clause Certificate.



The Grumpy Elf at the Ticket Kiosk, guards the Santa Village Christmas Grotto entrance area. He will only allow young children and accompanying parents through. Santa Village Ltd takes security of the Santa Grotto area very seriously, for the protection of the children.


The surrounding Christmas Market is for the enjoyment of everyone in particular adults and general public who are invited to wander around and listen to the sounds of Christmas Carols singers,  witness the Charles Dickens Christmas Food section, browse the Santa Village gift shop kiosk, witness the nativity scene, or grab a bit to eat at the countless Christmas theme food vendors, or buy a miscellaneous Christmas trinket. Fee paying Christmas themed Amusement rides are also available Unfortunately the ice skating rink is not available this year, But be dazzled and amazed by the lighting and ambience of the Santa Village. 

Santa Village final venue is to be finalises but will be within the M25 London, commutable from London and surrounding areas; most probably Chingford.

Santa Village is aware of previous failed attempts by other less scrupulous Santa grotto companies.


However rest assured that Santa Village Ltd primary mandate is to provide an amazing Christmas Santa Claus Grotto event that will stay in your children's and family's minds for many years to come.


See refund policy page.


Tickets are limited; don't let your children or family miss out to this amazing world class Santa Claus Christmas grotto.

Once a Santa village golden ticket is purchased, the holder is entitled to all activities, amenities free of charge. There is no other hidden charge after admittance.


Excluding the food market and memorabilia Santa store, selling additional presents, ornaments and clothing. Those purchases are not included in the Santa Village Golden Ticket price.

Book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Santa Village Ltd is a small startup entertainment company that intends to host a world class Santa Claus Christmas Grotto event yet lacks the unlimited  capital of a corporation. Please bear that in mind when booking. However each year we intend to grow and provide even grander events each year.

Due to logistics and risk management no particular father Christmas is guaranteed, But an authentic mature, fully vetted and rehearsed Santa Claus will be provided at the Santa Village Christmas Grotto.

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